The Dutch Foundation for Asthma Prevention has ANBI status, which means that it is a foundation set up for public advancement, dedicated to public advancement for more than 90%.  

As a result, the Dutch Foundation for Asthma Prevention is exempted from payment of death duties or gift tax for bequests and gifts. 

Those who wish to support the Dutch Foundation for Asthma Prevention are entitled to deduct their gifts from their income or company tax. To qualify for deduction of periodic donations, the donor and the SAB are required to set down the donation in a contract. The terms and conditions for this you can find here .  

The tax authorities have imposed several conditions on our ANBI status,
which you can check out here 

Our Board Members do not receive any remuneration for their duties. They only receive reimbursement for their expenses. 

The management conducted in the year 2022 is accounted for in the records below:

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