If you wish to support our work, you can make a donation to us. The Dutch Foundation for Asthma Prevention has an ANBI-status. The This may be highly beneficial to you: your gift may be tax-deductible. 
The following conditions will apply to this: 

Tax benefit

If you make a donation, for example, by donating an amount or through a bank transfer, it will be necessary for you to substantiate the donation in writing.  
The donation will result in a deduction, if all your donations together amount to more than 60 euros or more than 1% of your total income. Your total income consists of the three income boxes: income from work and home, income from a substantial interest and your taxable income received from savings and investments. The maximum deduction amounts to 10% of your total income. 

Periodic donations

A donation of annuities will be subject to other conditions. For these periodic gifts, a notarial deed of donation will be required. With this, you undertake to make donations every year – and for a period of at least five years.  
Making periodic donations is not subject to a threshold of 60 euros or 1% of your total income, nor the maximum of 10% of your total income. 
You may transfer your donation into account number NL54 GILL 0265 9532 00 (InsingerGilissen Bankiers N.V.) in the name of: Stichting Astma Bestrijding in The Hague.


If you wish to leave a bequest – after your death – to the Dutch Foundation for Asthma Prevention, you will need to have the bequest drawn up by a civil notary (who will take care of the necessary details for you) or mention it in your will in writing. It is important for the will to be written in your own handwriting.

For example:  I, [NAME], born in [PLACE], on [DATE], residing at [STREET NAME AND NUMBER AND TOWN/CITY], herewith declare that I bequest to Stichting Astma Bestrijding in The Hague, p/a Oossaander Hoop 23  1035RX te Amsterdam, the sum of ....., unencumbered by any costs and duties, including estate duty.
Done at [PLACE], on [DATE]


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