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Subsidie nummer Instituut Promovendus Titel Proefschrift
2019-003 AMC N Farzan Precision Medicine in Childhood Asthma, The role of genetic variations in treatment response
2019-004 MUMC OA Oshagbemi Biomarkers in de behandeling van COPD
2019-003 AMC N Farzan Precision Medicine in Childhood Asthma, The role of genetic variations in treatment response
2019-004 MUMC OA Oshagbemi Biomarkers in de behandeling van COPD
2019-014 AMC S Hashimoto Comprehensive treatment of patients with glucocorticoid-dependent severe asthma
2019-015 UU RC Kosse Adolescents’ perspectives on chronic medication use: opportunities for mHealth
2019-016 LUMC K Obieglo Immune modulation by schistosomes – mechanisms of regulatory B cell induction and inhibition of allergic asthma
2019-017 AMC H  Coumou Diagnostic and prognostic markers in adult-onset asthma
2019-020 AMC YS Pineros The damaging and protective features of eosinophils in healthy individuals and patients with chronic inflammatory respiratory diseases
2019-022 MU W Liiu Gait characteristics of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Radboud UMC

E Kuipers Pharmaceutical care in obstructive lung diseases; current and future practice
2019-031 AMC A Ravi Airway epithelium and asthma: virus exposure, airway inflammation and metabolism
2020-002 AMC J Yang The role of the complement and contact system in asthma
2020-001 UMCG JBA Welling Advances in bronchoscopic lung volume reduction’
2020-016 UT / RUG M Telgen Midrange-proadrenomedullin as a marker for mortality and morbidity in COPD
2020-017 UMCG OA Carpay Novel views on endotyping asthma, its remission, and COPD’
2020-020 AMC AWM Goorsenberg BRONCHIAL THERMOPLASTY AND OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY IN SEVERE ASTHMA: using light and heat to target airway remodelling
2021-001 UvA L de Groot Oxidative stress and the inflammatory nature of asthma exacerbations
2021-003 MUMC N van Best The nature of gut microbiota in early life: origin and impact of pioneer species
2021-004 UMCG L Hesse Subcutaneous and sublingual allergen specific immunotherapy in experimental models for allergic asthma
2021-016 LUMC J Schrumpf Modulation of airway epithelial cell function by vitamin D in COPD
2021-017 UMCG RR Woldhuis The role of accelerated ageing in aberrant lung tissue repair and remodelling in COPD
2021-018 AMC EM Slob Optimising treatment in children with early-life infections and asthma
2021-020 UMCG ME Ketelaar Functional and clinical translation of asthma and allergy associated genetic variants in IL33 and IL1RL1
2021-022 AMC A Lammers short term health effects of air pollution and viral exposure
2021-023 UMCG C Qi Multi-omics approaches to understand respiratory disease
2021-024 Univ Maastricht C vd Berg Chronic breathlessness in COPD – effects of low-dose oral morphine
2021-034 AMC MI Ibrahim Omics-guided precision medicine: microbiomics and breathomics in asthma phenotyping
2022-008 AMC KAB Eger Real-world evaluation of severe asthma treatment
2022-010 UMCG MP Roffel MicroRNAs in Asthma and COPD; from biomarkers to regulators of disease pathogenesis
2022-021 Erasmus MC S Boeschoten A Matter of Life and Breath
2022-022 LUMC J Wang Airway epithelial responses to rhinovirus, coronavirus and cigarette smoke
2022-023 UMCG J van Dijk ‘Physiology driven understanding of Pediatric ventilation liberation’ 
2023-001 UMCG G. Tellez Breaking Barriers: new insights into the contribution of the Protocadherin-1 (PCDH1) gene in asthma
2023-015 MST M vd Kamp eHealth in pediatric asthma care: From smart home-monitoring to implementing a new care standard
2023-016 RUG H Kroes Real-world studies of biological treatment in severe asthma – Population-based registries, prediction of response and patient-tailored outcomes
2023-018 CIRO Y Goetz Fatigue in people with COPD or COVID-19”


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